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LIVENDO® is a starter which facilitates the preparation of an “all-round” sourdough. It makes it possible to produce sourdough in a single process, in less than 24 hours!

It comprises a dehydrated concentrate of living microorganisms containing pure selected strains (live lactic bacteria and yeasts derived from sourdough). These microorganisms are both known and fully controlled.


It gives each new preparation a high degree of consistency and repeatability where its characteristics are concerned. LIVENDO® overcomes the problems associated with the refreshing of sourdough, which can often be difficult to control and problematic when it comes to hygiene. In doing so, it does away with the delicate and hazardous starting and control phases (= “refreshing”) of a spontaneous sourdough prepared using traditional methods.

Its uses during the bread-making process are many and varied and include: baguettes, special loaves, sandwich bread, brioche and Viennese pastries. According to the application concerned, the LIVENDO® range of starters makes it possible to develop typical “sourdough” flavours with a number of variants including buttery/milky, rye, acetic or fruity, etc. They also provide a varying degree of acidity, and improve the texture of the crumb and the overall taste of the bread, as well as helping finished products to stay fresher for longer.

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