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L’hirondelle Fresh Yeast Benefits:

  • Fast fermentation, good tolerance
  • Excellent fermentation tolerance, good oven spring
  • Good ferment aroma
  • Good adaptation to long shelf life recipes

Ingredients: yeast

Application:L’hirondelle is applicable for all high quality baking recipes and manufacturing processes which require high technology.

Packaging Specifications: 500g × 20 bags/case

Suggested level of use: Generally 0.6-2.5% on flour weight for bread, mantou and baozi etc.(to be adjusted depending upon flour, recipe, process and ambient temperature) or 1.5-5% for frozen dough products

Usage: mixed in the flour, or upon kneading, mixed in the dough, avoiding direct contact to salt and sugar

Storage Method: To ensure the strong fermentation of fresh yeast, please keep it in a dry place of -4-4℃

Shelf life: 40days

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