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In 1973, Lesaffre – the first yeast brand in the world, launched the first instant dry yeast in the world – Saf-instant, which has became a well-known brand after several years and has been recognized and affirmed by the world. It is the crystal of Lesaffre professional technology, and golden standard in the international dry yeast market. Thousands of bakers in the professional field and with different culture background receive and rely upon Saf-instant yeast.

Leading in the international dry yeast market for over 40 years, Saf-instant yeast is almost widely known, from household bakeries, to Michelin three-star restaurants and to large-batch industrialized production. Whenever and wherever, with dab hands, Saf-instant provides baking magic power for bakers by its strong and stable fermentation quality and incomparable R&D idea.

Saf-instant brings the magic power into thousands of households by its genuine, unique and continuously innovative brand spirit.


As the first instant dry yeast in the market, Saf-instant magically changes the working mode of the bakers by its high-quality and wide applicable scope: even if under the wretched bread making environment, you can make high-quality bread. Saf-instant becomes the preferred brand in the baking industry currently, it is not coincident, but it is the widely used instant dry yeast brand in the world now.


No matter what kind of bread or what kind of making methods, Saf-instant can provide excellent fermentation ability and strong stabilization, and it is guaranteed to ferment the best quality bread every time. Lesaffre’s highly modern production process and routinized and systematized quality control guarantees consistently excellent quality of Saf-instant and food safety.

Continuously Innovative

As for Saf-instant, innovation is not an empty talk, but a result of yeast production skill, expertise and all baking process knowledge as mastered by Lesaffre. Lesaffre always spares no efforts to enhance the quality of Saf-instant yeast, in order to adapt to increasingly changing market demands.

There are hundreds of bread making methods in the world, but there is only one yeast that is the best in the world.

To add some baking magic power, add some Saf-instant yeasts.

Saf-instant includes Saf-Gold and Saf-Red and new launched family range small sachet.

Launched in 1977, Saf-instant was the first instant dry yeast specialized for high sugar content dough; now, the quality of Saf-instant has been upgraded to adapt to all kinds of fermentation environment, Saf-Gold has now quicker fermentation speed, stronger fermentation vitality and more stable operability in both high and low sugar recipes. Saf-Red is applicable for low sugar or sugar free recipes (sugar percentage 0-10%).

Official website of Saf-instant under Lesaffre, explore Saf-instant history, and kick off Saf-instant journey.

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