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One of three breads in the world is made with the yeast from Lesaffre.
Lesaffre group, a 160-year-old French family group based in Northern France has now become a multi-national and a multicultural company that is committed to providing the best in each of its business areas: baking, nutrition and health, flavours and fermentation.Lesaffre started its business in China over 30 years ago. Beyond yeast and bread improvers, Lesaffre offers a full range of products and services related to nutrition and health: yeast extracts for food savory and high performance nutrients for micro-organism and cell cultures, yeasts and other probiotics for human and animal nutrition, crop protection, yeasts for beer, wines, and renewable fuels, etc….

In early 1980s, Saf Instant yeast entered into the China market as an imported product. In 1999, Lesaffre acquired Anhui Mingguang and reorganized it into Lesaffre (Mingguang) Co., Ltd, its first large-scale production base in China. In 2006, Lesaffre and Donta Group, a well-known Guangdong-based private enterprise, entered into a Joint Venture agreement to set up Guangxi Danbaoli Yeast Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Yi Pin Xian Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Laibin City, Guangxi, which are used as the production centers for yeast and yeast extracts. Laibin facilities enjoy an advantageous geographical location, and a full-scale upstream raw material supply system. Moreover, they are supported by state-of-the-art waste water treatments ystem and high-tech research and analysis laboratory. In 2010, Lesaffre Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was set up to manage Lesaffre’s business in China, from human resources, sales&marketing, to finance and operation management.

  • China headquarters: based in Shanghai, managing all Lesaffre business in China
  • 5 regional sales offices: Shanghai , Guangzhou, Beijing , Shenyang and Hong Kong,  managing business, implementing marketing initiatives and providing sales services to our customers in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan
  • 4 baking centers: in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, providing R&D and technical support, training and technical services to our customers.
  • 2 modernized plants : Anhui Mingguang, Guangxi Laibin.

As Lesaffre China CEO Jean de Lataillade says:“Lesaffre is not focusing on the next quarter’s result but on long term sustainable development and serving the needs of China consumers for the next 160 years. I trust that our dedication to make the best ever yeasts will continue to make food in the world and my favorite Chinese food everyday tastier.”

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