Lesaffre Group


Our group: A key global player


  • A family-owned corporation founded in northern France
  • Today we are a multinational, multicultural group
  • Our development has been driven by innovation since 1853
A few key facts:
  • €1.5 billion in sales in 2013
  • More than 160 years of experience and know-how
  • 1/3 of the world’s bread is made with Lesaffre yeast
  • Every day, more than one billion people around the world consume food made with our products



The Swallow: A symbol of life


  • This migratory bird symbolizes spring and the renewal of life as well as fertility, freedom and loyalty
  • This light bird’s stealthy yet graceful appearance is a perfect fit for its airborne environment.
  • With its ability to travel great distances (more than 6,200 miles) and its presence on every continent, the swallow represents Lesaffre’s international scope
  • Highly mobile, overcoming all obstacles while still returning to its place of birth every year, the swallow is emblematic of our Group: we strive to please our customers under all circumstances and to remain loyal to them


Yeast: A living treasure!


  • Yeast is a fragile, delicate organism: We do not manufacture yeast. We grow it
  • Yeast is a living microorganism. This microscopic fungus is no larger than 6 to 8 thousandths of a millimeter in size, yet has exceptional fermentation   characteristics
  • The most well-known yeast is Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • In the presence of air and nutrients introduced into the fermenter, yeast multiplies (yeast propagation)
  • In the bread-making process, in the absence of air, it produces gas and aromas
  • Yeast can be used for a variety of purposes. These include:
    • - Making bread dough rise
    • - Contributing to the flavor, sensory and nutritional
        qualities of bakery products
    • - Producing fermented drinks
    • - Improving the well-being of people, animals and plants
    • - Producing bioethanol and new green chemistry products


From yeast extract to yeast cell walls bacteria and fungi….our specialty is life itself !


  • Our yeast extracts: Natural food ingredients used to improve and develop the taste of foods. They are also essential nutrients for the fermentation industry
  • Our yeast cell walls: Yeast fractions used in animal nutrition to prevent the adverse effects of mycotoxins, improve animals’ immune response and limit the use of antibiotics
  • Our bacteria: Probiotics for humans and animals, biostimulants for plants and sourdough starters. Lesaffre specializes in the technology used to produce these microorganisms, representing an important addition to our portfolio of products
  • Our fungi: Used in the biological control of plant diseases and to reduce the use of pesticides. Lesaffre is an expert in the solid-phase production of this type of fungi


Continuous, collaborative innovation


  • The excellence of our research in biology and application development: the driving force behind Lesaffre’s success
  • A collaborative approach to innovation based on our customers’ needs
  • More than 180 researchers actively collaborate with more than sixty universities and research centers around the world

Our shared goal:

  • To create innovative products that have been proven and guaranteed as safe and effective
A few examples
  • For bakery products: Saf-Instant (instant dry yeast) in 1973 and Kastalia (liquid yeast) in 2003
  • For digestive comfort: Lynside Pro GI+ (probiotic culture) in 2011
  • For animal nutrition and health: Actisaf (probiotic culture) in 1989
  • For industrial biotechnology: Safdistil PlusTM (yeast for bioethanol) in 2012

Innovation, putting our best asset to work for our customers and markets


Close to our customers


  • An ability to adapt to our customers’ business needs in each of our markets:
    • - For bakery products: a network of 30 Baking Center,   located on every continent
    • - For taste-enhancing products: 3 Culinary Center
    • - For animal nutrition: model farms
  • Human resources and management policies that are ingrained in our local markets:
    • - Over on hundred expatriates and international executives
    • - One division dedicated to career management, offering   support for employee mobility
    • - A focus on adapting to the unique cultural and
        economic characteristics of each location
    • - A multicultural company that promotes experience-
        sharing, collaboration and personal initiative

Our passion for our products is a fundamental part of our commitment ot our customers


Transferring and Sharing


  • 160 years of history, tradition and transfer of expertise ….and it all started with bread yeast
  • Sharing and generosity: Values that we inherited from our family history and the customers business that have been with us since the very beginning: bakers
  • Since 1853, thousands of men and women have helped build Lesaffre by sharing their expertise and passion
  • Today, we share and transfer our expertise through:
    • - The training programs held at the Institut Leon Lesaffre
    • - Our Research and Engineering Center in Lille, France
    • - Our Baking Center and Culinary Center   network, with   locations throughout the world
    • - Our applied research centers, which specialize in human,
        animal and plant nutrition and health
    • - Our mentoring of new staff in our specialized business

Transferring expertise means believing in our future

Our products

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